Andrymi Consulting

Andrymi Consulting is a consulting company that specializes in increasing environmental awareness within companies and institutions. This is done through empowering staff and managers to act on environmental issues. Andrymi Consulting educates staff on topics such as climate change, the circular economy, social and consumer responsibility etc. and provides guidance and instruction so managers and staff can form their own environmental policy.

It’s Andrymi’s belief that everyone wants to do their part and take steps towards a more sustainable future. We don’t all have to take the same path for us all to be moving in the same direction.

With the increased emphasis on environmental issues and corporate social responsibility, companies and organizations should be able to identify their chance to progress towards improved environmental performance.

Improved environmental company culture makes employees aware of the environmental impact of their work. It is important to develop a channel for employees ideas to minimize waste, improve work processes or anything else that could reduce the companies environmental impact. A successful improvement of a company’s environmental culture reduces the waste of its resources and its reputation improves.