Andrými Sustainanability Centre

Andrymi Sustainability Centre is a coaching and consulting company that specializes in implementing sustainability in company’s culture, vision and mission. This is realized through   education on relevant issues and solutions within the realm of sustainability and using coaching to empower the executive board, managers and all other staff members to act on these issues.

Andrymi Sustainability Centre educates staff on issues such as climate change, ecosystem collapse and solutions such as the circular economy and the sustainable development goals. As well as on how focusing on sustainability can make better leaders, enhance quality of work and increase entrepreneurship within the company.

Andrymi offers sustainability coaching for top managers, sustainability leaders and experts. Andrymi offers consultancy when developing or refining sustainability strategy, making sustainability part of the company’s vison and mission as well as policies and processes.

All services are offered online and in English. Andrymi’s owner, Dr. Snjolaug Olafsdottir, has a PhD in environmental engineering, is a sustainability coach and has taught Sustainability at Icelandic universities and at various companies and institutions.

“It is my belief that through education and support in coherence with core culture, vision and mission and to all staff members, the transformation will be realized faster and with better results.”

Dr. Snjolaug Olafsdóttir